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4. The Revival In Jaintia

The Jaintia Hills lie to the east of the Khasia Hills. One of the first places in Jaintia to feel the blessed effects of the Revival was a village in the district of Shangpoong, called Mynso. The wife of the Pastor of the Church there was so moved by hearing of the fire elsewhere that she gave herself up to prayer and intercession, and the result was that the whole village soon became ablaze with zeal for Jesus Christ. The Chapel was full every day, and scores joined the Church. In SHANGPOONG also, many wonderful things were seen and heard, and more especially among children and young people. Remarkable scenes took place at Jowai, which is one of the oldest and most important stations belonging to the Mission. Prayer meetings had been held there for many weeks, and in these meetings many an earnest testimony was given to the friends which encouraged them to persevere in prayer, and many of them believed that a great blessing was about to be poured upon them. This was the last Missionary Station to be roused by the Spirit, but the people of God there felt confident that the vision was for an appointed time, and they remembered the words, “Though it tarry, wait for it, because it will surely come, it will not tarry.”

Monday, May 8th, was the memorable day when God visited His people in Jowai, and it pleased him to do so by means of the children, the lambs of His flock. The Spirit of God fell upon the little ones, and in His temple in Jowai their sweet voices were heard sounding out their Hosannas to the Son of David. In the Temple of old we read that the Revival among the children was viewed with displeasure, and the blessing was slighted, but in Jowai it was welcomed with thankful hearts, and very soon the adult members of the Church were rejoicing with the children. The power spread outward, and touched sixty backsliders who came with tears to ask for a place again at the Father’s table, and the influence was felt also among the heathen, for they crowded into the Chapel, and were delighted to be in the services, and from among them, too, much fruit was found.

The Revival soon spread to the villages around Jowai. At NONGBAH the enthusiasm was more intense than at Jowai. A teacher there, formerly a headstrong, rugged man, described the scene as he saw it one night. He himself had been very greatly moved, for he is now a tender subdued Christian. He mentioned one man, a Christian, who hated any excitement, when he saw the crying in the Church, said to his wife and children, “Come out of this place lest this madness affect you.” They went out of the Chapel, but he had to experience a terrible night. In the morning he was quite beside himself, he wandered about all day like an insane person, the madness had affected him. That night he had to go to the Church to confess his sin. The Power that was able to work such a change in this quiet self-contained man was a great Power, and we know of many others marked by the same characteristics who have been equally transformed. A Khasi preacher remarked in the same manner of the inhabitants of a village with which he was well acquainted, “The people of this village are pecu1iar1y hard, cold, and cynical, and the power that has made such as these to sob and cry is certainly a power from above.” The new life soon began to show the beautiful fruit peculiar to itself: where jealousy was rife before, feelings of love and sympathy now prevail. Individuals who were at enmity have sought out one another, and have made reconciliation.

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