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Welsh Revival 1904


Mrs John Roberts

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The following account of the Revival is by no means an exhaustive one. But I have endeavoured to give a fair representation of what I myself have seen and heard in Cherrapoonjee and the district, and in some other places which I had the privilege to visit. I have used extensively the letters of the Missionaries in other portions of the field, and “India, Awake,” in its various parts has been a fruitful source of information. I have gleaned also some very interesting incidents from a private diary kept by Mr. E. H. Williams.

Since my arrival in Wales, in the month of May, 1906, I am continually receiving letters which further show that the Revival was not a transient thing, but a power, and a power which is remaining in the country. I have had very great pleasure in writing the following pages, and my humble and constant prayer is that God may be pleased to use them for His glory, to extend His great work in the mission field in far-away India.


May 1904

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