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Welsh Revival 1904



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Preface: Past and Present Revivals in Wales
1. Welsh Religious Revival, 1904
2. The Scenes at Loughor
3. The Revival Spreads
4. Meetings at Trecynon
5. Full Day of Noble Work
6. Crowds at Pontycymmer
7. The Wesley of Wales
8. Greatest Day of His Life
9. Bridgend and Abergwynfi
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10. At Mountain Ash
11. A Voice from Macedonia
12. "Sweeping Like a Wave"
13. Second Day at Ynysybwl
14. Temporary Indisposition
15. Every Chapel Filled
16. The Revivalist Jubilant
17. Converts at Treorky
18. Drunkards Reformed
19. An Idle Stipendiary
20. Unexpected Features
21. Enthusiasm at Pentre
22. In Fresh Fields
23. "Fire" at Senghenydd
24. The Rhondda Re-visited
25. Service in a Coal Mine
26. Welsh Methodists and the Revivalist, by Rev. Cyndlylan Jones, D.D.

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